Time Traveling Chimps

Are you ready for adventure?
Time Traveling Chimps

Flux Inc's Main PFP Collection

Project Details:
  • Collection of 3288 Time Traveling Chimps dressed in attributes based off of historical periods in time, film and pop culture.
  • All chimps are customizable. So find one you like that resonates with you and then you can pick up new traits each season to customize it.
  • Hand drawn art collection with attributes based on classic films and pop culture history.
  • Holder Rewards from Fee's obtain from White Labeled Products.
  • Native Token $PLTMX (Plutonium X) stakeable through custom non-custodial platform.
  • Custom In-Discord Raffle System, Valuable raffles available in server with tickets purchasable using $PLTMX.
  • Adventure based gamification platform. Send your chimps on adventures to recover various items!
  • NFT Trait upgrading via the Time Traveling Tailor.