🚀Adventure Platform

A highly engaging chance based platform that allows you to send your NFTs on Adventures. These are fully customizable missions from set time periods to specific and multiple rewards possibilities.

This platform helps projects provide some fun and engagement within their communities, while rewarding holders and also creating a strong revenue stream for the project.

How does it work?

Prizes, Adventure length, Maximum number of 'adventurers' and cost are set in the back end by the team and are all listed for the holder to see along with all the % chances at hitting these prizes. Holders can then select their NFT from the list below and then confirm the transaction and they are now 'on an adventure'. The NFT is only frozen inside the wallet so the holder still has custody of the NFT, it is just frozen for the remainder of the adventure until claim. Once claimed, the NFT will unfreeze and it will pop up and show you your reward.

You can claim and send up to 18 NFTs at a time on PC and 9 at a time on Mobile


For the project the benefits are as follows,

  • Increased engagement inside the discord

  • Gives a reason for holders to come back to the project

  • Custom Adventure UI

  • Strong revenue stream can be created

  • Burn project token

For holders, the benefits are as follows,

  • Support your project and potentially earn amazing rewards at the same time

  • Brings the fun back to NFTs

  • A great subject to talk and brag to your friends about in discord

What else can the platform be used for?

Our versatile platform can be used for more than just the standard adventure, here's a few things it can do for you:

  • Can be used as an Idle Game, similarly to models like The Heist, you are able to set different adventures with different % chances at your token, nfts, or other rewards.

  • Gamified raffles, Raffle an NFT through an adventure!

How can I get the platform for my project?

The platform is now available for white-label with a range of payment plans, see underneath for details! Join our discord and open up an adventure ticket!

White-labels can be ready to go within 24 hours if we are provided with the relevant information.

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