🌀Adventure Portal

This will go over the adventure platform.

  1. It all starts by visting https://fluxinc.io and hopping in your Delorean.

Flux Inc. Website
  1. After clicking on the Delorean you will be taken to the Adventure Portal. This is where you will purchase additional Time Machines, Choose your Adventure and Send your NFT off in search for various items such as; NFT's, Traits, Solana, $PLTMX and more.

  1. After puchasing your Time Machine, you will select your adventure from the "choose adventure" section.

  2. Next you can select your Chimps to send on Adventure on the right side, PC you can select up-to 18 at one time, on Mobile you can select 9 at a time.

  3. Once you select your chimps you then will hit activate at the bottom. This will prompt the wallet to ask for you to confirm. After confirming and waiting approximatly 60 seconds you should get a sucess message and you will see your chimps under the "In Time Machine" section.

  4. After waiting the set time you will visit the Adventure Portal again to select the chimps to claim, again you can claim in batches of 18 on PC and batches of 9 on Mobile. After selecting your chimps you will click claim. This will have you confirm another transaction and the will pop up a window revealing your Prizes.

Adventure Prizes

TLDL; Following this Graphic.

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