Starting a Trade

How to initiate a Trade with Flux

  1. Decide which NFT's you and your other party want to trade

  2. Both parties send those NFT's to their Flux Discord wallet

  3. One person will Initiate trade in the servers designated trade-portal using the command /trade

Now you will have multiple options to choose from:

  1. Depending on which option you choose, enter the corresponding details to initiate the trade, the person who starts the trade will choose these options. 1. The items you want to trade. (up-to 25 items total) 2. The items you want to receive. (up-to 25 items total)

  1. New channel is created between you and whoever you're trading with

  1. Both parties should click "Check Items to Send" and "Check Items to Receive" and verify the items listed are correct, If items are correct and both parties confirm you can proceed to step 7. If something is wrong close trade and start again.

  2. Celebrate your Flux trade! and verify the transaction buttons posted, trades are sent to your external wallet

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