Flux Discord Wallet

This page will explain how to use your in-discord Fluxtility wallet.

You have been assigned a discord wallet. No setup needed.

This wallet will be used for the following features and actions:

  • Raid-to-earn rewards (SPL token deposits)

  • Raffle ticket purchases and receiving raffle prizes

  • On-Chain giveaway prizes

  • In-Discord tipping and transfers

Q: How do I know what my discord wallet address is?

A: To see your discord wallet address and the contents of it please run the following command: /balance own.

New Feature: you can now set an external wallet within your balance panel! Any reward you receive in discord sent by fluxtility will be sent to your external as long as it is set from here. You can remove and change it at anytime. Keep in mind, in discord raffles will still require you to be using the flu assigned wallet for tickets.

New Feature: you can now view all of your flux wallet transactions directly from your balance panel. Simply select "SOL Transfers" or "SPL Transfers" to check your solscans!

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