Raffle Setup

Make sure you have the NFT you wish to raffle in the DAO flux wallet. if you need help refer to the DAO Discord Wallet section of this document.

Step 1

Now you are ready to setup your Raffle. Raffles can be setup using any Solana NFT or WL Token

  1. Use /setup-raffle

  2. Choose NFT

  3. Select Currency

  4. Set Price per Ticket

  5. Set Raffle Duration

  6. Set Total Number of Tickets for Raffle

  7. Choose Max Per Person

  8. Write your Description

  9. Tag your Users

Step 2

Fluxtility will give you a chance to review the Raffle and then Confirm or Delete

  • Select Confirm to Post Raffle

  • Select Delete to correct any mistakes

After Confirmation you will see a display letting you know to wait for the Raffle to Post.


In the event that there is an issue with your raffle even after you approve the preview, there has been a refund command implemented to assist in quickly refunding all ticket purchases made automatically upon running command.

All that is required is the message ID which you can get by right clicking on the raffle itself and copying the ID from the dropdown menu

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