Setup Raid


This command is used to start a raid.

Suggested to set the command useable by only MODERATORS from Server Settings > Integrations > Fluxtility Pro > /setup-raids


  • url: URL/Link of the twitter tweet for the raid.

  • duration: Duration of the raid in seconds/minutes/hours/days/months. In each case the unit must be specified. Units are s,m,h,d,M respectively seconds,minutes,hours,days,months. E.g 5s/2m/3h/4d/5M

  • winners: Count of how many winners you want the bot to pick. Only numbers should be specified.

  • type: The type of tasks users needs to complete to be counted as a participant.

There are currently 10 types to choose from:

  • Like

  • Re-tweet

  • Reply

  • Like and Re-tweet

  • Like and Reply

  • Like and Reply (With image detection)

  • Re-tweet and Reply

  • Re-tweet and Reply (With image detection)

  • Like, Re-tweet and Reply

  • Like, Re-tweet and Reply (With image detection)

  • description: Message/Description to include in the raid giveaway message which will be sent by bot.

  • tags (optional): Keyword which the raider must include in their raid reply. It can be anything (#tag/mention/specific text).

  • mention (optional): The role which will be added in this field will be pinged in the bot message.

  • prize (optional): A prize to send to the winner/s of the raid. Needs to be selected from the available list which will be shown.

  • amount (optional): The amount of specified token/sol the winner will receive. Only numbers should be entered.

  • addtolb (optional): Weather to add the raid participants and winners to leaderboard or not. There are 2 options which are True and False. No need to include this option if you want added to leaderboard. Please select False if you don't want.

There are 2 Config options for raid tracking:

  1. Raid WInners ( /config track-raid-winners)

  2. Raid Participants (/config track-raid-participants)

In order to track winners and participants you must follow the instructions above to configure the tracking.


Raid draw gathers all the winners and/or participants from the leaderboard over a set period of time and runs a wheel spin to choose winners from that group which also includes the ability to have those rewards automatically sent using Flux wallet system.

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