👔Trait Swapping

Flux Inc also provides a trait swapping platform, this allows your holders to update the look of their NFT's with any new traits you want to release.

This platform helps projects provide a unique NFT update experince to their holders.

How does it work?

Holders simply visit your trait swapping platform select the NFT they want to edit then choose from the traits they have been provided, when apply the trait they are charged a Sol Fee and a Token Fee. They can also remove traits for a set sol fee or token fee. You as the project will get to set the Fee's for each action.


For the project the benefits are as follows,

  • Allow Holders to Customize their NFT to fit their style

  • Setup a Custom UI

  • Allows projects to set their own fees to create another revenue stream and token burn mechanism.

  • Mint Traits and Manager Traits from Dashboard

For holders, the benefits are as follows,

  • Customize their NFTs

  • Burn tokens earned from staking.

  • Create unique NFT pieces that may not have exisited prior.

How can I get the platform for my project?

The platform is now available for white-label with a range of payment plans, see underneath for details! Join our discord and open up an adventure ticket!

White-labels can be ready to go within 24 hours if we are provided with the relevant information.

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