Giveaway Setup

If you are using the on-chain giveaway function. make sure you have the NFT you'd like to giveaway in the DAO Discord wallet.

use /setup-giveaway to bring up your giveaway options.

Steps for On-Chain Giveaway

  1. Choose NFT

  2. Set Number of Prizes (use 1 if doing a single NFT)

  3. Set Giveaway Duration

  4. Set Winners (Use 1 if using a NFT)

  5. Choose a Title

  6. Write your Description

  7. Add Emoji

  8. Tag your Users

If you win an on-chain giveaway, your NFT will be sent directly to your Flux wallet automatically.

If you win an off-chain giveaway, the admin will provide guidance on how to claim your prize.

Fluxtility will give you a chance to review the giveaway and then Confirm or Delete

  • Select Confirm to Post giveaway

  • Select Delete to correct any mistakes and repost

After Confirmation you will see a display letting you know to wait for the Raffle to Post.

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