Invite Fluxtility Pro!

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Invite the bot via the link provided to you upon onboarding. Alternatively you can go to any server which has Fluxtility Pro added and view it's profile to get the invite button after whitelisting.


  • Open the discord server settings > Integrations.

  • Then choose β€œmanage” on the bot listed to set your permissions.

  • Make sure the very top settings are as below which is @everyone disabled and All Channels enabled.

  • You can allow roles/members and specific channels for each command and the bot as a whole. Fully customizable.

  • You can add permission for each command separately by clicking the command name.

Note: Make sure to add the bot role to every channel you want it to send to and give it "View Channel" permission.

Here are some recommendations for Integrations:

Refund Raffle, Raid Data, Raffle Data, Retry Raid Reward, /collect-wallets, /config, /dao-transfer, /dao-withdraw, /lbpoints, /raid-draw, /reset, /setup-giveaway, /setup-raffle, /setup-raid, /re-subscribe, /c3-setup, /c3-update, /c3-map needs to be admin only

/leaderboard should be available only in a specific channel

/setup-raid and /raid-draw can be set to be used by raid leaders

/announce can be set to be used by Alpha Callers, Degen Callers etc.

They can all be set from Server Settings > Integrations > Fluxtility and then you can click on each command and set who can access.

Important Note - The bot needs View Channel permission in all channels you want it to send message to. If not given, the commands will fail.

Also depending on roles settings of your server, only giving View Channel permission might not work, in that case you'll also have to give the bot the following permissions in all channels:

View Channel, Send Messages, Send Messages in Thread, Create Private Threads, Manage Threads, Manage Messages, Mention @everyone/@here/All Roles, Embed Links, Attach Files, Add Reactions, Use External Emoji, Read Message History

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