WTF Is Fluxtility

A detailed document that describes setup and usage for the TTCC Fluxtility Pro automation system.

Fluxtility Pro

Fluxtility Pro is an advanced semi-automated suite of discord programs and services tightly developed into 1 intuitive and game changing platform. Utilities Ranging from an optimized raid auto-reward system with participation verification as well as Image & Hash Detection to a fully functional In-Discord NFT raffle system & On-Chain Giveaway module. TTCC Development will continue to improve and expand on these applications and strive to make the lives of the community managers more fun and a hell of a lot easier!

Fluxtility Pro Features:

  • Raid-to-Earn + Advanced Auto-Reward System + Raid participation verification
Raids can be verified directly from discord. All on-chain SPL tokens can be used and added for use with Flux R2E. Currenlty supporting over 35 different tokens including Jelly, Whey, Mango, PLTMX, & Glug to name a few.
  • Participation and Winner Leaderboards
Track your raid winners as well as total raid participants through their own data storage. Giving you multiple options in data to use for rewarding your raiders.
  • Fully Functional on-chain in-discord Raffle System
On-chain NFT raffle system optimized for discord with clean UI and ability to accept any project token for ticket currency. Flux Raffle works with the in-discord wallet system so winners are sent their NFT automatically without any manual actions. Currently you are able to raffle any solana NFT as well as WL tokens.
  • On-chain & Off-chain Giveaway Modules
On-chain NFT Giveaway module optimized for discord with clean UI and ability to automatically send the prize to the winners discord flux wallet without any manual actions!
  • Wallet Sol/SPL balance tracker + Collection FP/Volume/Listings count tracker
Tracker for wallet Sol/SPL token balance for multiple wallets.
Other features include wheel spinner and a clean solana insta FP checker with ephemeral replies.

Fluxtility Pro Pricing

35 USDC/Month
  • Optimized raid system with auto-reward payments including sol and SPL tokens
  • Clean Leaderboard setup to track your raiders' performance and reward them accordingly
  • Discord tipping and wallet system with integrated SPL tokens and SOL
  • On-Chain Raffle System (Fully Functional within Discord)
  • On-Chain NFT Giveaway module
  • Auto hash tags & image storage for automated raid content
  • Advanced Floor Price Checker with ephemeral replies
  • Wallet Sol/SPL balance tracker + Collection FP/Volume/Listings Count Tracker
For recurring monthly payments, please use the command /re-subscribe when your payment is due. This will pull the 35 USDC from your DAO Discord Wallet so make sure it has the USDC available when you run the command.