Who are we?

Learn more about Flux Inc. and how we are making an impact on the Solana Blockchain.

What is Flux Inc.?

Flux Inc. is the umbrella under which we house various development ventures as well as our PFP projects the Time Traveling Chimps and newest addition minting soon the Portal Beasts. Our goal is to offer professionally developed tools for all projects throughtout Solana. This page will give you a glimpse of the products and services we offer and are currently developing to show you some of the ways we are changing how the Solana Eco System interacts.
Our Collections:
  • Time Traveling Chimps Club (Primary)
  • Portal Beasts (Minting Soon)
  • Portal Capacitors (Staking Multiplier)
  • Warehouse 88 (non-seasonal traits)
  • Season 1: 80's Action
  • Season 2: Sci-Fi
  • Season 3: Fantasy
  • Season 4: Cartoon