Lost Chimps

An explantation on this unique traveler.

What Are Lost Chimps?

Lost Chimps will not be a new collection, rather an opportunity to transform from the depths of time and space…a brand new Time Traveling Chimp, adding to the army of 3288 to expand to farther worlds. This collection of Lost chimps will feature a unique set of limited traits..Below is the how it will break down: Lost chimps were minted with a Temporary Background, Tagged Fur, and mouth. The remaining trait categories will be set to “None” Lost Chimps & TTCC will also implement 2 new trait categories: Role & Adventure Count
TTCC Role Trait: Time Traveler
Lost Chimps Role Trait: Lost Chimp Adventure count will aggregate the number of adventures the specified chimp has gone on. This data will be important for the chimps future development. Once you have a Lost Chimp you will have to obtain all other traits through adventures, Trading or Marketplaces to complete the cycle. As a Lost Chimp, you will need to complete 10 adventures, collecting and replacing your background and Fur, you will also be searching for the remaining 3 traits to complete your Traveler. Once you have collected all of the required traits, you are ready to apply for Transformation into the Time Traveling Chimps Club. Your role will update in the metadata and your NFT hash will be moved into the Main collection.